2 Books to Prepare You for The Dark Knight Rises

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Now, if you’re a fan of the latest Batman movie trilogy, then The Dark Knight Manual is right up your (dark) alley. It’s designed to look like Bruce Wayne’s notebook, with sketches, diagrams, photographs, and notes about the tools and technology Batman uses, as well as profiles of various Gotham City notables and villains.

This volume, unlike the Batmobile book above, gives no illusions about continuity with other films or the comic books. This is all about the Christian Bale-Morgan Freeman team — though, interestingly enough, you won’t find their names in the book. Other than the copyright page and tiny “TM & © DC Comics” printed on anything that could be pulled out of the book, it’s all written as if it’s an artifact from Batman’s world, similar to The Jedi Path and the Book of Sith from the Star Wars universe.